Richard Mark of PixelOptics holds a pair of the company's electronic glasses

*(Via LA Times) – If you’re over 45 and wear glasses, you’ve probably got more than one pair. Or you’re using bifocals or progressive lenses. As most people get older, their eyes have more trouble focusing on objects that are close, which is why you need that extra help for things like sewing, drawing – or reading this article.

But it’s a hassle to juggle multiple pairs of specs. And some wearers of traditional progressive lenses find their vision can be blurred or distorted in certain situations, such as when they look down at the ground.

Electronic eyeglasses may be the answer, according to developers of a new line of glasses that combine traditional lenses with transparent liquid crystals. A microprocessor makes the liquid crystals change the glasses’ prescription, either automatically or on command, when activated by a tiny accelerometer or a finger touching a sensor on the earpiece.

“It’s a game-changer,” said optometrist Larry Wan, who has tested the glasses with several patients. “It can give you additional reading power on demand. You can switch it on and off.”

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