*If for nothing else, President Obama has shown a refreshing ability to speak his mind on elements of pop culture – his rather hilarious (and accurate) characterization of Kanye West as a “jackass” in the wake of the Taylor Swift / Beyoncé hullabaloo springs to mind immediately.

Count us as fans of his latest proclamation. It’s nearly impossible to understand exactly how the Kardashians have shoehorned their way into popular culture, but it’s even more baffling as to how any of the dunderheaded offspring could actually think it’s beneficial for growth. Bathing in the shallowness and frivolity of their reality-show existence might be perfectly fine (and financially beneficial) for their family, but it’s nothing the average young woman should aspire to be. It looks like Michelle Obama has the right idea, telling Malia and Sasha that if they HAVE to watch them, be entertained by the family’s scatterbrained antics – but view it as an example of what not to do in the public eye.

Personally, we think he should do it more. Start your next State of the Union with a no-bull evocation of American popular culture. Tell people to stop watching Jersey Shore and start watching Breaking Bad; to stop going to the Transformers movies and seek out that new Coen brothers film; to stop reading the Twilight books and pick up a Toni Morrison novel. It’s really kind of a perfect political idea – after all, who’d want to slam Obama for slamming this dreck? That would be akin to admitting you actually liked this stuff.