*Faith-based films are emerging with ease into the Hollywood screen lately and among the genre leaders is DeVon Franklin (pictured), 33-year-old vice president of production at Columbia Pictures.

Over the years, he’s helped create films with religious nuances, including “Jumping the Broom.”

“‘Jumping the Broom’ was a great experience,” he said in an interview for Thegrio.com. “It was bigger than a movie it was a movement. In recent years, there have been fewer films in the African American market and fewer writers, and this film turned that. It was film that made a value contribution to a rich legacy.”

He further explained that his inspiration to create faith-based films came from wanting to inspire audiences through the screen, adding that movie watchers want more than just an entertainment experience. They need some encouragement too.

“I have always wanted to create movies that really allow people to see themselves on screen. Movies that give people a sense of hope an purpose,” he said. “I feel like we all go through struggles … My hope is that audiences will be able to see films like these and that they will be encouraged to keep going on and keep fighting. I hope they will definitely see a change in their circumstances.”

The filmmaker is not only doing his thing via Hollywood. He’s also an ordained Seventh Day Adventist Minister and has written his debut book, “Produced by Faith: Enjoy Real Success Without Losing Your True Self.”