*Sci-fi fans are aware that Chewbacca is an ape-like character in the Star Wars films. Apparently, there are folks in Colorado who believe theFirst Lady is a dead ringer for Chewbacca. Colorado Springs talk radio host Jimmy Lakey recently  told listeners he was relaxing in a cigar club when he heard someone refer to Michelle Obama as Chewbacca.

Lakey, who has a talk show on 740 KVOR in Colorado Springs, got on the radio and said he had never used the word himself, but he added, “At the cigar club, someone used the phrase Chewbacca, and everyone knew or assumed who this person was talking about.  I’ve tested it,” Lakey said to the listening audience, laughing. “I’ve done group testing, and I’ve said, if I say Chewbacca, what do you think?  And, I’m telling you, I’m in so much trouble right now.”

Lakey said he got a Facebook message from a listener, who claimed to be the guy calling Michelle Obama Chewbacca at the cigar club.  Lakey then read the Facebook post on the air:

“Hey Jimmy, I smoke cigars, and I’ve referred to Michelle Obama as Chewbacca since 2009 (laughs). I wonder if I’m the guy you heard call her that.  My wife has told me not to call her that in front of my kids.  But my boys, God bless them, have picked up on it and they have marched forward with it…I wanted to identify myself and state that I cannot stand the Obamas.  I took my boys out of school to attend the Tea Party rallies, and they were magnificent.”

Lakey went on to say that he thought calling Michelle Obama Chewbacca was “crass and a little bit much,” but he went on to say that he showed his wife photos of Michelle Obama on Facebook dressed in different outfits.

Lakey said his wife told him Michelle Obama looked like a halfback (football player).

“If you’re the First Lady, you shouldn’t wear things that make you look like a halfback,” Lakey said his wife told him.

Lakey replied to his wife, “What’s the difference between you saying she looks like a halfback and someone else saying the name Chewbacca? I don’t get the difference.”

But he added, “Chewbacca! I didn’t say it! (laughs).  No!  I will not take the heat on this.  I did not call her Chewbacca. No. I’ll get in trouble.  My wife, when I told her this, she yelled at me. I thought it was kind of funny.”

Lakey may deny calling the First Lady Chewbacca, but  Huffington Post columnist Jason Salzman sent Lakey an email recalling that Lakey laughed hysterically when a caller compared Michelle Obama to a character in “Planet of the Apes.”