*Seem like the only time Flo Rida’s name ever comes up is because he’s in trouble. This time, he’s been busted for suspicion of smoking a blunt.

In Australia, police received a tip of a “strong smell of burnt cannabis” coming from the rappers hotel room.

According to reports, police raided the room and confiscated 16 grams of marijuana, a rolled joint, Viagra, a bottle of liquid THC and an illegal high-powered taser.

Flo Rida was not arrested, but his personal assistant Dakari Dalawn Philips was charged with possession of dangerous drugs, unlawful possession of restricted drugs and possession of a weapon.

Philips was fined $1,800 and was released shortly after being detained due to him having no previous offenses.

The night before, Flo Rida was scheduled to perform at Newcastle’s Fat Butter festival. But he arrived three hours late and was turned away by promoters.