Gabriel Aubry picks up his daughter Nahla from school in Los Angeles. (Aug. 24, 2011)

*In another custody development between Halle Berry and her ex Gabriel Aubry, a judge has rejected the latter’s request to ditch his nanny-supervisor while he spends time with their daughter, Nahla.

According to TMZ, Gabriel was trying to amend his visitation rights, which require a nanny to be present while he’s with Nahla. Gabriel claimed he wanted more alone time with his daughter; Halle opposed the change.

The judge issued an order yesterday, siding with Halle, upholding the original agreement requiring supervised visitation on Gabriel’s part, TMZ reports.

Sources tell TMZ, Gabriel is upset and he feels the nanny is ruining his relationship with his daughter.

Meanwhile, Aubry has been accused of neglect and verbal abuse of Nahla, according to witnesses cited by Berry in court papers obtained by The Star earlier this month.

A particularly bitter blow-up occurred in February of 2010 according to the quoted witness. Berry returned from a trip and found Aubry at her home and told him to leave or she would call police.

He screamed that she was a “‘ghetto ni***r’ and threw a chair against the wall,” the witness is quoted as saying. “Halle was shaken and sobbing.”

The incident was not unusual, according to the witness.

Gabriel hated that Nahla was mixed race, a colleague of Halle’s claimed according to The Star. “He never wanted her hair to be braided, and he always said that Nahla was white.”

Friends tried to get him to understand that being mixed was part of her and Halle’s heritage, but he wouldn’t hear it …’