*“Star Wars” creator, George Lucas is really taking a chance with his own money. He’s literally betting on black.

The director financed the bill of $93 million for his newest film, “Red Tails” based on the story of African American pilots (the famed Tuskegee Airmen) in World War II, betting the movie would be a hit.

$93 million is a lot of money for even high rollers like Lucas and there’s no telling how well this flick will do opening day (Jan. 20), especially being that it’ll miss the holiday season of moviegoers.

Anthony Hemingway, Lucas’s handpicked director for “Red Tails,” says the film’s Jan. 20 release date could help bring in viewers looking to do something cultural around the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

Hemingway also says that the film’s development went around the typical way movies are produced. “This isn’t about Hollywood,” Hemingway says. ‘This is an independent film.”