*Trin-i-tee 5:7’s Angel Taylor and Chanelle Haynes have partnered with STOMP Out Bullying as global ambassadors to help kids fight bullying effectively.

STOMP Out Bullying is a national anti-bullying and cyber-bullying program for kids and teens and is a signature program of Love Our Children USA™, the national leading nonprofit fighting all forms of violence and neglect against children in the U.S.

Angel and Chanelle will visit high schools to share their stories on bullying issues, and to offer encouraging words to help young kids cope with peer pressure.

As a teenager, Chanelle Haynes was bullied.

“To be bullied was one of the worst experiences of my teen years,” Chanelle said. “As a pastor’s daughter from a very religious household, kids would say really hurtful things to me. This caused me to become withdrawn and unhappy. I would do anything to avoid them. To be laughed at and disrespected was my normal. I would actually get sick on Sunday evening knowing that I had to go to school and face those same bullies.  They talked about the way I dressed. I simply didn’t fit in—so one day I decided, ‘I don’t want to fit in.’ Eventually, my parents took me out of that school. I learned the power of removing myself from the problem and placing myself in a space where I can thrive. Since then I have taken that approach in life.”