*Several weeks after photos of Halle Berry’s broken foot hit the Internet, People.com is quoting a source who claims the accident occurred as the actress was running after Nahla, who was running after a goat.

As previously reported, the mishap took place while she was in Spain shooting the Warner Bros. film “Cloud Atlas.” The studio’s official statement was that Berry had broken her foot “walking in Majorca on a day off from filming.”

But People.com’s unnamed source says there was more to it than that.

On Sept. 21, says the source, Berry was at her villa in Majorca and spotted her daughter Nahla, 3½, chasing a goat. A split second later, the three of them were scrambling across this little stretch of rocky countryside – Halle chasing her daughter and her daughter chasing a goat.

Finally, says the source, Berry caught up with Nahla, grabbed her little girl, started back to her villa – and that’s when she stumbled over a rock and broke her foot.

The actress is supposed to stay off her foot for three weeks, according to the source.