*In a new interview with Chris Yandek of CYInterview.com, the Republican presidential nominee front runner in various polls, Herman Cain, said he would be willing to take a 50 percent pay cut if he became President of the United States.

Cain said that leadership is needed and that public officials should lead by example.

“I would have no problem leading in that manner. What I don’t know is whether 50 percent is the right number, but I do believe that there is a number that would be substantive enough to basically say we are going to lead…Yes I would. I would absolutely do that.”

Cain further stated he would be willing to propose legislation to Congress to take a drastic pay cut of their salary also to show true leadership.

“Go back to one of my guiding principles, I gotta make sure we’re working on the right problem. You are absolutely right. That is part of the problem. But what I’m saying is that’s not the total problem. What I was gonna say is, I would go even further. I don’t know the extent to which the contracts with federal workers allows me to ask them or to basically dictate to them that they do the same thing while private sector jobs have been contained because of the pressures that have been put on private businesses, public sector job salaries have just skyrocketed, which is why we have on average a 25 percent differential between private sector and public sector jobs. This is another place that I want to look. They should not be immune to the pains and pressures of this stagnating economy.”

In speaking about Cain’s 9-9-9 plan that has been talked about nationally, Mr. Cain said the plan would lead America to a future surplus.

“We would be moving towards that. My goal would be for that first fiscal year to be expended spending equals revenue and the way we’re gonna get there is do the deep 20 percent cut across and down and ten across, ten down and then stimulate the economy and 9-9-9 is gonna stimulate economic growth because the corporations are gonna love the fact that they only have to pay a nine percent flat tax on their income minus purchases and capital investment. It’s going to inspire them to think growth again rather than survival.”

You can listen and read the entire interview at Chris Yandek’s CYInterview.com.