*Old Spice hottie Isaiah Mustafa has added nothing but smiles, for the most part, with his role on the small screen.

His career continues to flourish with his new role on ABC’s “Charlie’s Angels. But while in a recent interview with E! News, he said that when he’s out looking for a girlfriend, he’s looking for someone who is kind, athletic and has “good hair.”

He went on to say that his hair was too nappy, adding that the hair had to be real for the sake of his future children’s hair.

Now, some women had to pause for a second and ask, what is good hair.

So Essence followed up and asked how he felt about the hair comments.

“It was an ignorant statement and I am truly sorry. I see how polarizing the topic of hair can be. I irresponsibly used words that carry a negative stigma. I need to be better than that. I never had any intention of alienating, hurting or offending anyone. And I certainly didn’t intend on making anyone feel less empowered.”

Attempting to clean up his “ignorant statement,” he followed up by saying “Good hair is healthy hair, whatever you perceive that to be. I wasn’t feeling that my hair was at its healthiest during my ‘E! News’ interview and that’s where my comments stemmed from. Not from self-hatred as I read on speculating blogs.”

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