*Kelly Rowland is now saying it was “embarrassing” having to call off her 2005 wedding after breaking off her engagement to NFL star Roy Williams.

The former Destiny’s Child singer, then 24, says she knows it was the right thing to do at the time, but was still a hard decision to make.

“I was too young for marriage,” she told Britain’s Cosmopolitan magazine. “I remember my sister B [Beyonce] asked me one question, she said, ‘Well, you know what you want now, don’t you?’ and I was like, ‘Yes.’

“It was so hard and embarrassing because everyone knew. I’d posed for the front cover of a magazine in my wedding dress and it was on sale! But sometimes you fall down and you learn from it.”

Another thing Kelly never regrets was her decision to have a boob job, because it was something she had always wanted to do.

“I said in an interview a long time ago that I’d get it done because I just had little nuggets for boobs and it was bothering me,” she said. “The decision was 10 years in the making so I’m comfortable talking about it. It’s something I really wanted to do for myself – not for a man, not for work, for myself … and I love them.”