Ndamukong Suh

Via Detroit Free Press:

*Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was furious about allegations from several Atlanta Falcons that he trash-talked Matt Ryan after the quarterback hurt his ankle in the third quarter of Sunday’s game at Ford Field.

“I’m not even near their quarterback, so how am I going to trash-talk somebody that has a medical staff that’s all around him?” Suh said today. “That’s their own problem. If you look at that play, I didn’t cause his quarterback to come down. (Lawrence Jackson), who was closest man to him, and Corey (Williams) didn’t cause the player to go down. Myself and Cliff (Avril) were standing next to each other.

“If you look at it, to me, it’s karma. For all the bad stuff they’ve done in the past, their offensive lineman hurt their own quarterback. So I’ll leave it at that.”

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Earlier, we reported …

Lions’ Suh & Avril Lose Respect of Falcons Players over Taunting Their Fallen QB

*Geez, what a butthole move!

Atlanta players Todd McClure and Roddy White accused Detroit’s Ndamukong Suh and Cliff Avril of taunting quarterback Matt Ryan as he lay injured Sunday during the Falcons’ 23-16 victory.

Ryan fell awkwardly after he tripped over his teammate, offensive tackle Will Svitek, with 10:13 left in the third quarter. The QB immediately grabbed his left knee as he lay on the ground, apparently in pain.

As he was down, Suh and Avril allegedly trash-talked the quarterback and kicked at his feet, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

“I had respect for Suh before the game,” said McClure, the Falcons’ center. “But when Matt was on the ground, the things he was saying and the trash he was talking was definitely uncalled for. There are certain things you don’t do. (He said), ‘Get the cart,’ and several other things that I can’t repeat.”

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