*It’s really ironic that Malcolm-Jamal Warner went from being the son, Theodore Huxtable, on one of the most watched television shows in America, “The Cosby Show,” to portraying a stay-at-home daddy, Dr. Alex Reed on new sitcom, “Reed Between the Lines.”

“It’s all been very surreal. Because I was 14 when Cosby first aired and Nadji Jeter who plays my stepson is fourteen. So some days it’s like, ‘Wow. Where did the time go?’” Warner told BET.com. “Other times Nadji will hit me on text or Twitter and say like, ‘Yo Pops, what’s up?’ And I’d hit him back, ‘Boy, you do not call me Pops unless we are on camera and we are rolling.’”

Now that he’s been a child star and the roles are reversed, the actor is gladly taking his job seriously as he mentors the children on set.

“Working with Mr. [Bill] Cosby for so many years had a big impact on how I see the life or the job of celebrity and because I was exposed to him I think I handled my fame in a certain way,” says Warner.  “Tracee [Ellis Ross] and I hope that we can have the same positive influence on them [our TV children] when it comes to celebrity.”