*Beyonce is one of the most talked about women in the world; she’s beautiful, talented and loved by many.

However, despite her fame and beloved looks, one couple is living in regret because they named their child after the singer.

In a study that was conducted by YourBabyDomainName.com, eight percent of parents reportedly regretted the name they chose for their children. Half of those involved in the study admitted that their influence came from fashion trends and celebrities.

After the study was published, the Jamaican Observer also surveyed parents who also were pretty remorseful about their children’s names.

One woman named her daughter Beyonce. Uh oh.

“I regret naming my daughter Beyonce,” a parent named Camille admitted. “It seemed like a cool choice at the time, but now every time we say it to other people we get a smirk, or a raised eyebrow. I wish I could change it, but she has identified with it.”

Beyonce isn’t the only name shared among new kids. Rihanna has also sprouted up on the island and abroad.

Uh oh.