*Former R&B singer – turned minister, Joe Simon, recently stated that with the current presidential debates going on, he sees no eligible candidates. He added that if Obama is elected again, he’ll get the job done.

“I have watched all of the GOP Presidential Debates, and after watching all of the debates, I have not seen anyone who is wise enough nor have I seen anyone who is stable enough to be President of the United States. This is not the time nor the day for any of them,” he said.
Last Friday the president announced that the Iraq war is coming to a close, just after nine year – a great help for reelection.

To that announcement, Simon stated, “This shows good leadership and my heart jumps for joy.  It is time to bring our men and women home. Whenever a person or a political party does not know how to follow, then that person or that political party will never know how to lead. That is why I endorse President Obama, because he knows how to follow and he knows how to lead.”

Despite the criticism the president has endured since his inauguration, Simon is convinced Obama is still the man for the job. It’s others who are trying to keep the man from doing a good work, he said.

“When the President can do a job, so very well, and yet so many people continue to say, No, No, No about any and everything that he does, then that shows me that those people who keep saying, No, No, No, are not concerned about our youth, our senior citizens or our community,” he continued. “They are only thinking about their own agenda and not thinking nor concerned about the overall well being of our country.”