*There’s no mistaking the true love vibing between newlyweds Monica and Shannon Brown.

In an interview with Essence.com, the pair shared their thoughts about marriage and even gave tips on how to keep the flames aglow.

Keeping things fresh means keeping things sexy, says the singer.

“That’s so easy for us, I don’t know where to start. The best lingerie I have, Vanessa Bryant gave it to me,” she said. “She is the biggest fan of La Perla and she goes into those stores a lot. Every time I would open one of her gifts, Shannon was like ‘yeah’ and he’d start clapping for that gift. Sometimes he likes when I’m just in his t-shirt or his jersey.”

And with her and his busy schedules, you’d think she’d lose track of life. But staying focused and keeping balance in life help Monica and Shannon keep their relationship strong. She said even while at work, they make time to be with each other.

“My husband is my part of my greatest joys, so it doesn’t feel like work or like I’m balancing anything. My husband and my kids absolutely come first, so work is just something where I figure out where it will fit,” she said. “I just think there’s no comparison of the two so it makes it a lot easier. The boys are at the age now where they can travel with us and they love doing it. Of course, they’re never hesitant to go to a game or two. Shannon’s work is way more exciting than mom’s. We find ways to make it all happen, but family is first.”

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