Who’s stuck in a box, me or you?

Over a trippy instrumental, Candice Anitra asks the question during the chorus of lead single “Too Much Woman” off of her upcoming album, Big Tree. Lyrically, she’s singing about female empowerment and societal double-standards, visually she’s facing those
double-standards and comments women encounter almost daily. It’s a definite about-face from the chauvinistic submission of much of today’s popular music and imagery.

Ms. Anitra begins with the declaration, “A pacifist in pumps/ Not afraid to throw a punch / Or eat your hurt feelings for lunch,” and sets the tone for a song in which she demurely attacks being boxed into pre-conceived notions of what a woman can or can’t handle, being judged on physical appearance or the doubts that a woman is capable of being more than the object of beauty. According to lyrics Anitra sings, this makes her too much woman for our current culture, another myth she’s looking to debunk.

Check out the video ….

Candice Anitra “Too Much Woman” from SoulBounce on Vimeo.

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