Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, New Jersey

*Cory Booker is no stranger to the woes of urban America.

He’s been the mayor of Newark, New Jersey, since 2006 and is presently serving his second term as mayor.

The city was riddled with crime when he assumed office and under his watch, crime has significantly declined.  It was made clear how much he cared about the residents of his city when a woman’s 65-year old father was attempting to shovel his snow and needed someone  to come out and help.

Booker told her he would come out himself.  He was there in 20 minutes and shoveled the man’s driveway along with other constituents.

Now, in another effort to protect his city’s residents, he wants people from other cities to continue to catch hell if they walk into his state with concealed weapons. (more…)