Omaima Aree Nelson

*Omaima Aree Nelson, a former model and nanny who killed, cooked and ate her husband just a month into their marriage, was denied her second bid for parole Wednesday following a five-and-a-half hour hearing, according to the AP.

Here’s the background…

Omaima Aree Nelson who murdered and chopped up her husband, William E. Nelson, in the early 90s and is serving a27-years-to life sentence, is asking the Chowchilla State Prison in Central California for an early release.

Nelson, who is Egyptian, worked as a part time model and nanny in Egypt before immigrating to the United States in 1986.

Nelson said her husband, who was 6-foot-4 and weighed 230 pounds, raped her the night before she killed him. She revealed to psychiatrists and her attorney that she had been the victim of sexual abuse as a child in Egypt where she had been molested, beaten and forced to undergo female circumcision.

The Orange County Register reported she killed her husband, a former pilot, on Thanksgiving Day and then dismembered and cooked parts of his body. It was also reported that Nelson dipped her husband’s flesh in barbecue sauce to eat it. The couple had been married one month.

On the day of the crime, Nelson dressed in red shoes, a red hat and red lipstick and cooked her husband’s head on the stove, then skinned his torso and fried his hands in oil. After grinding some of his body parts in the garbage disposal for hours, she then filled garbage bags with the remainder of his body parts and asked ex-boyfriends to help her dispose of the evidence, offering $75,000 to help.

Neighbors said they heard “constant chopping sounds “ coming from the home.

Nelson is the first defendant to use the “battered wife” defense in Orange County, CA.

Nelson said she was under severe stress and a psychological exam revealed she was found to have post-traumatic stress disorder .