Ced the Entertainer as Rev. Boyce on TV Land's "Hot in Cleveland"

*TV Land has ordered a pilot of the proposed “Hot In Cleveland” spinoff starring Cedric the Entertainer, which puts the project one step closer to becoming a reality.

The potential spinoff follows Cedric’s character Reverend Boyce as he moves to Cedric’s hometown of St. Louis and has to balance his wild past with the expectations of his congregation and his family.

Cedric’s character was introduced on an August episode that had been perceived as a backdoor pilot for a potential spinoff series, reports Deadlinelcom.  Now the project also is going through a traditional pilot process.

“Cleveland” creator Suzanne Martin and Cedric wrote the pilot and are executive producing with Hazy Mills’ Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner, who also executive produce “Hot In Cleveland.” Production is slated to begin on Dec. 2.

Below, Ced gives more details about the spinoff on Wendy Williams, and also reveals he’s been courted for “Dancing With the Stars.”