Roberto Clemente

*New York, NY — The Society of the Educational Arts (SEA), celebrating its 25 years, under the artistic direction of the Dr. Manuel A. Morán, announces the sixth edition of the Festival BORIMIX 2011:  Puerto Rico Fest during the next month of November, celebrating the month of Puertorican heritage.

This festival collaborates with several cultural institutions and presents more than 25 events in New York City by Puertorican artists in visual arts, theater, dance, symposiums, poetry, music and film.

This year, SEA dedicates BORIMIX 2011: Puerto Rico Fest to the exceptional baseball player and committed humanitarian RobertO Clemente.

Among the activities to commemorate its 25 years, SEAwill present the musical, DC-7, The Roberto Clemente Story, by Luis Caballero.  The production will present the history of the legendary ballplayer, first Puertorican and Latin American inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame, the 11th player to reach 3,000 hits and who passed away December 31, 1972 in an airplane accident on his way to Nicaragua with relief supplies for the survivors of a catastrophic earthquake.

“I feel happy, motivated and enthusiastic. I believe that is the right moment to tell such an amazing story,” indicated Luis Caballero, who began writing the piece 6 years ago.  This marks his return to theater, after various years of writing and directing movies.

The musical will have its WORLD PREMIERE in the new theater of TEATRO SEA (107 Suffolk Street, Manhattan) November 11, 2011 with performances throughout the month of November.

Already confirmed is Puertorican star Modesto Lacén (below) who will play the role of the Roberto Clemente.

“I am happy and grateful to God and life by this opportunity.  I will give my 100% to portray with pride and dignity, one of the most important Puertoricans of our history.” expressed Modesto Lacén on his participation.

“We have united a group of talented designers and creators to present a marvelous production.” commented producer Manuel Morán. The creative team is compound by:  Luis Caballero (Direction) Luis Salgado (Choreography), José López (Scenography and Projections), Manuel Morán (Lighting) Miguel Trelles (Art-Silkscreen), Harry Nadal (Wardrobe) and Harold Gutiérrez ( Musical Direction).

BORIMIX 2011:  Puerto Rico Fest assures an exciting celebration of Puertorican heritage!  For more information call  212.529.1545 or visit our websites or

On Teatro SEA:
Founded in Puerto Rico in the year 1985, SEA, The Society of Educational Arts, Inc. has been a pioneer in educational theater.  With headquarters in Puerto Rico, New York and now also in Florida, SEA has been dedicated for 25 years to the task of diffusing and  preserving our Hispanic inheritance through theater, especially for children and young audiences.  Through arts programs, SEA provides the necessary opportunity for children, youngsters and adults to examine and create possible solutions for their respective social and educational problems of their communities. Teatro SEA, is the only Latino Children’s theater company in New York.  This year SEA celebrates its 25th Anniversary with a new theater in Lower Manhattan.

Modesto Lacén


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