*Things are getting all the way turned up with the Occupy Wall Street protests, with rallies and gatherings popping up all over the nation and the globe. In a recent development, another celebrity has been arrested at the Occupy D.C.

R&B star Raheem DeVaughn was taken into custody while making a stand on the steps of the Supreme Court building at the nation’s capitol. He and Prof. West were among 17 others who were taken into custody.

Devaughn spoke to MTV News Monday evening about his arrest:

“I actually hopped on the plane from Chicago; I actually missed the MLK [dedication ceremony] event. Dr. West reached out to me to go meet up with them,” said a traveling Raheem DeVaughn. “Dr. West had been invited to speak down at Freedom Plaza, where they’re occupying the land for their cause. So after the speech, we proceeded to march and peacefully protest. We went down to the [Supreme Court] building and did what we had to do.”

DeVaughn shared that while the incident could be perceived as harrowing, the police officers treated Dr. West, himself and the other held individuals with respect – and even managed to bond with some folks while awaiting release although the singer was critical of the jail conditions.

“Everybody just embraced us and showed us a lot of love and applauded us for our efforts,” said DeVaughn of his fellow prison mates. “The place is so old. I learned so much about how the prison system works and it pretty much modern day slavery.”

West went to the protest after attending the MLK memorial dedication ceremony and joined other demonstrators.

“We will not let this day of Martin Luther King’s memorial go by without somebody being arrested,” West declared into a megaphone, as seen in a video captured of the event. “Because Martin King would be right here with us willing to throw down out of deep love!”.

In case you’re wondering, no charges will be made against  West and Devaughn by authorities.