*LOS ANGELES, CA – This time in 2010, funnyman Speedy, radio/music veteran Felicia “The Poetess” Morris, TV host/model Claudia Jordan and comic-writer TDP were staples on “The Foxxhole,” the Sirius XM radio home of Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx, where they shocked and awed audiences with their hilarious antics and on-air charisma.

Nearly a year after being summarily dismissed, the team has regrouped and reformed to create Reach Around Radio, a decision that has not only delighted and reinvigorated their loyal, worldwide fan base, but resulted in more success than at any point in their stint at “The Foxxhole.”

“Being in radio so many years, it’s refreshing to have the freedom and fun that we have on RAR,” says Morris, a sentiment co-signed by Jordan. “I love it! The time goes by so fast because I love being on the show so much. I thank ‘Foxxhole’ for bringing us all together. If it wasn’t for them, there wouldn’t be Reach Around Radio.”

The RAR team’s brutal rants targeting their former gig notwithstanding, their affection for it is as obvious as theirs for each other. “I know what we did there was magical,” says Speedy. “I wanted to bring that magic back with Reach Around Radio.” So, in late July 2011, he reached out to his cohorts. The quartet met up at a Starbucks in Inglewood to discuss their new show and come up with a name. They brainstormed, haggling over about a hundred names – but finally, TDP came up with Reach Around Radio after witnessing Jordan stretched her arm out to snap photos of herself.

Less then 10 days later, they were on the air. The rest will be history. TDP describes being on the show: “I feel like K-Ci from Jodeci – ‘Oooh, yeah!’ The best is yet to come.”

On Reach Around Radio, the hosts helm a much richer, more interactive experience for the audience by utilizing UStream to telecast RAR’s raucousness live in-studio on LATalkLive.com and making greater use of social media to maintain their accessibility – both during and between broadcasts – to their affectionately named fan massive, Team RAR. Their legions of listeners are a key, active part of Reach Around Radio’s success. “The support from our fan base has been amazing,” Morris says. “They’ve been riding with us since Day One.”

Reach Around Radio launched on August 1st, 2011. It can be heard and seen Mondays at 5pm PST and Thursdays 3pm PST on LATalkLive.com.



Michelle Holden
Divine Public Relations
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