*Remember Ryan Leslie made a big to do over his lost or stolen laptop that contained millions of dollars worth of work and private files? He did put out there at one point that he was willing to reward anyone who returned the computer $1 million.

Well after it’s been found and returned, it’s about time the artist paid up.

A man named Armin Augstein said he returned the computer to the singer, but didn’t get his due reward.

So the German hero has filed a lawsuit against the singer in the U.S. District Court in New York.

“It’s unfortunate that my client has to go to such lengths to recover the reward,” Michael Fischman, Augstein’s U.S.-based lawyer, told the media.

With good reason, the German guy is going through all of this for that money. Who wouldn’t?

Last year, after the laptop was stolen, Leslie posted on Skype:

“I lost my computer out here in Germany. I actually had my whole new album on there, which I had been working on in secret, and it got stolen. So right now, I got a million-dollar reward for anybody that can return my intellectual property to me.”

Originally he offered $20,000, but after little to no responses, he upped the prize to an attractive $1 million. He even posted a  YouTube video to announce the reward increase.

Like they say, be careful what you ask for.