*A super (aggressive) fan of singer Keri Hilson decided he wanted to show her some up close and personal, hands-on love at her recent gig in Paris.

For the stan’s effort, we’re sure you’re not surprised to learn that he got the crap beat out of him … as you’ll see in the video below.

By the way, Miss Hilson wants her superfan to know that even though he scared the bejesus out of her, she didn’t like the way he was treated, aka beatdown.

“To the guy who ran on stage & stole a kiss, I love you too,” she informed via Twitter. “Didn’t appreciate how u were handled. But next time, enjoy from the audience… I just learned that dude jumped from the 2nd story balcony for the task… OK, so maybe he was a lil crazy! Just jokes. I love my fans…”

And in case you think she got hit with one the roundhouses being thrown at the “fan,” you needn’t worry she says:

“I hear it looks like I got hit during the fan incident? Oh please. Not a scratch. But I felt kinda bad for dude…”

In spite of Keri’s good wishes – and we could be wrong here – but we don’t think “dude” will try that move again anytime soon, if ever.