Jameel Perry, a Sickle Cell kid, got his spirits boosted with a surprise visit by firefighters from the Henderson, Nevada fire department

*On Saturday October 8, 2011, at 4:55 p.m. there was a loud knock on the door at Jameel Perry’s home in Henderson, Nevada. The knocking was so loud Jameel came out of his room running to see who it was at the door. Cautiously, he peeked around the corner looking scared and confused.

On the other side of the door standing tall and strong were the Henderson Fire Department officers. When JR Perry, Jameel’s father answered the door, one of the officers asked for Mr. Jameel Perry. When he heard they were there just for him, Jameel ran to the door with his hair in disarray and wearing only his underwear and tee shirt and said to the officers “You’re here just for me?” and they replied “Yes, we are for you Jameel Perry.” At that point, he was so excited  and in such a rush to get on the fire truck that was parked outside of his house, he forgot that he was wearing only his underwear.

Jameel’s eyes were such a glow, he could have replaced a light bulb. What an incredible act of love and a real show of compassion. A “great job” shout out to the Fire Department in the city of  Henderson Nevada.

All the children in the neighborhood came out to see what was going on. When they found out, they told Jameel “You are so lucky to have the fire department come to your house.” Jameel put a real big smile on his face and  said too them “and its not even my birthday!” and gave his Dad a big hug. This wonderful event was assembled by The Henderson Fire Dept and Jameel’s father, JR Perry, who is also a local Activist for Sickle Cell Anemia.Mr. Perry being a single father, raising a 12 year old son with sickle cell anemia, reached out to the Henderson Fire Department to see if they could possibly come by and shake his son’s hand to put a smile on his face.

Jameel has been fighting a long and hard battle with sickle cell anemia all of his life being in pain and suffering in several hospitals. He had over 45 hospital trips in one year back in Detroit Michigan when he was 5years old. At the age of 9 years old Jameel suffered a major stroke. Since then, his life depends on blood transfusions every three weeks for the rest of his life. This is currently being administered at St. Rose (Siena), an extraordinary Hospital for sickle cell patients as well as various other medical matters.

After being fully briefed on what a fireman’s job is and has been taken on his first fire truck hands on tour, Jameel Perry wants to be a fireman. That’s all he talks about and he says they have the top of the line high tech state of the art fire trucks, the best on this earth.  It is a must see tour for all ages, it was totally amazing.

This is a true sign of a real community love coming from good people with good hearts at the Henderson Fire Dept station #94.  They brought so much joy to the heart of a 12 year old child that battles a very painful disease, sickle cell anemia which is rarely mentioned or talked about.

We are so glad that the city of Henderson has unity for the community and this visit to Jameel Perry was the prime example of the city with unconditional support and compassion.

Jameel and his Father tip there hats to the City of Henderson for showing Jameel this unconditional love.  Breaking news coming soon,  a new fire man to be, Jameel Perry.

We want to say in closing, great job fire station # 94 for all your love time and support and putting so much joy inside my son’s heart may god bless you all and your families, we thank you so very
sickle cell disease is related to malaria, not skin color. Sickle cell is found more frequently in persons of  India,  Greeks heritage-Turkey, and Italy heritage Italian Sicilian , Saudi Arabs heritage  hispanic heritage African heritage  Southeast Asian heritage

 – American Indians heritage
-Alaska Natives heritage  Chinese and Filipino ancestry Thailand heritage
white people have been diagnosed with sickle cell. It was caused by a random mutation  with a large number over 500 million people worldwide is  affected by sickle cell anemia the oldest inherited disease in  the world.  King Tutankhamun died from sickle cell disease back in 13 BC



Source:  J R Perry


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