*NBC aired its second season of a vocal contest called “The Sing Off.”

The contestants were groups all over America who sang acapella music in an inventive and new way.

We can look back in the catalog of Christian music and remember Keith Lancaster who started the group Acapella and later the Vocal Union, and if you remember the style, the contestants competing on “The Sing Off” sang similarly, reports Absolutely Gospel.

A Christian group from Lakewood University of Huntsville, AL known as Committed won “The Sing Off” and with that win got a record deal as well as a $100,000 cash prize.

According to group member Dennis “DJ” Baptiste:

“God opened doors of opportunity immediately that we would have never had if we hadn’t won the Sing Off competition.”

Immediately, the guys went into the studio and began recording their self titled project that released August 30, 2011. Dennis went on to say that although they’ve been working since January, they have been constantly “tweeking” and perfecting the sound for the recording. It is a lot different for Committed because their tracks consist of their voices not instruments so the process of tracking is totally different than anything any other artist is used to.

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