*The London papers are abuzz over what went down at the city’s Playboy Club between the wife of rapper Snoop Dogg and a gaggle of Bunnies that had flocked to her husband in VIP.

According to the Daily Mirror, Snoop was partying at the venue with Ashley Cole, former Blur star Damon Albarn and David Haye.  Soon, he found himself sandwiched between two Playboy Bunnies, and eventually, two turned into 20 “whooping and grinding in his VIP area.”

Then Miss Boss Lady showed up.

A witness told the paper: “It was hilarious. There were 20 women in pink bunny outfits whooping, cheering and gyrating as he got up, but by the time he sat back down they’d all been cleared out – and there was a much sterner looking woman sat there instead.

Shante Broadus, according to the witness “sat on his table and did not move all night. The boys were gutted as the bunnies had been instructed to treat them as VIP guests – but were suddenly all told to leave his table immediately.

Later in the evening, Snoop took the stage to perform “P.I.M.P,” “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” and “Wet,” which he wrote especially for Prince William’s stag party.

“But Shante shot him such a look every time he shouted out to ‘the sexy Playboy bunnies in the house’,” said the witness.