*Soulful inspirational and gospel group, The Sounds of Blackness featuring The Next Generation and Jamecia Bennett releases its album, “The Sounds of Blackness” earlier this week, celebrating 40 years of unity and music.

The Twin City natives celebrated the release with a free 30 minute concert at the Mall of America’s Best Buy Rotunda in Minnesota on Tuesday.

Sounds of Blackness has been bringing hope and inspiration to people through its music globally for the past four decades. The group has awed audiences on five continents with the depth and breadth of its artistry, covering all forms of African-American music, from gospel and soul to jazz, R&B, reggae, hip-hop, rock and blues, to ragtime, field hollers, work songs and traditional spirituals. As Sounds of Blackness celebrates 40 years of music and inspiration, the group offers a superb self-titled fifteen-track CD that is a dazzling showcase for its all-encompassing musicality.

The group’s latest album focuses on reconciliation and healing.

“Music can be our primary method, mode and means of avoiding annihilation and achieving peace,” explains group’s founder, Gary Hines. “Music is God’s perfect form of communication, because what comes from the heart reaches the heart, what comes from the soul reaches the soul and what comes from the spirit reaches the spirit.”

Check out the group’s hot, hot video for the single “Fly Away”: