*Thousands of people packed a church in Savannah, Georgia on Saturday for the funeral of Troy Davis, who was executed for the murder of a police officer in a case that drew world attention because of claims by his advocates that he was innocent.

The rousing service at Jonesville Baptist Church in Savannah reflected a determination by his family, civil rights leaders, supporters and activists to turn his execution last week into a renewed campaign against the death penalty.

“There are some who think that now that Troy has gone … that our movement is gone, that our voices have been silenced and that our fire has gone out,” said Raphael Warnock, the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.

“But we have news for them today. We are just getting started,” Warnock said in an impassioned eulogy that left some in the congregation in tears and others standing to applaud.

The service lasted more than three hours and mixed gospel songs, prayers and Bible readings. Many in the largely black congregation wore “I am Troy Davis” T-shirts.

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