*When “Girlfriends” ended, it was like good Black television died for many women.

And as the reruns show up randomly on various Black television networks, some of us bask in the memories of the drama filled, yet somehow relational series.

While promoting her new show, “Reed Between the Lines,” Tracee Ellis Ross reminisced to Essence about the old days, proposing that maybe a “Girlfriends” movie wouldn’t be a bad idea.

“[A reunion] is not on the radar, but I would love to do a “Girlfriends” movie. How much fun would it be to see what happens between Joan and Toni? Does Joan ever get married? I want to know!

“’The Game’ got back on the air because of the fans, so I don’t know what all you people are waiting for, we need you.”

Hmm… it may not be a bad idea. Perhaps she’s creating a movement.