*A Twitter war has broken out over “The X Factor” contestant Stacy Francis, the 42-year-old sangin’ single mom who suppressed her dreams for years because her ex-husband told her she would never make it.

After she made the cut on Tuesday’s live show, and told judge Simon Cowell that she aims to be a pop star (and not a gospel artist as he suggested), blogger Perez Hilton weighed in on Twitter, saying that her age window for pop superstardom has passed, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“@stacyfrancis You’re definitely talented and have a great voice but, sadly, at 42 you’re too old to be the pop star you said you want to be,” the gossip blogger tweeted on Wednesday.

After Hilton sent her that message on Twitter, Francis tweeted, “I guess @PerezHilton is not a fan.. too bad because I really like him.. guess I have to work harder.. wonder if I can win him over,” she wrote.

The fans who follow them soon began chiming in, which led to numerous fiery retweets and explanations of the comments from Hilton.

“Just cuz I’m nicer Perez doesn’t meen I’m lobotomized or devoid of an opinion. I am a pop culture analyst and a critic. And I’m still SASSY!” he tweeted.

“American Idol” alum Adam Lambert, someone who knows where Francis is coming from since he got his start on a singing competition, as well, decided to stand up for her, tweeting “@stacyfrancis yes but he would have said the same about Adele if rolling in the deep hadn’t blown up. She changed the game b/c of talent.”

That drove Hilton to defend not only his music tastes by posting URLs for his opinion on Adele’s music, but he also explained that he wasn’t being mean. He was simply trying to help Francis out.

Lambert wrote, “@stacyfrancis and opinions are like a–holes.”

The battle of words waged on with Francis staying very polite, but she did appreciate Lambert’s assist. “OMG I was away frm twitter for the past couple of hrs and a war has ensued!” she wrote. “@adamlambert is defending my honor! Against @perezhilton.. whoa”

This whole thing started when judge Nicole Scherzinger picked George Michael’s “One More Try” for Stacy to perform on the live show. Cowell critiqued everything — from the woman’s black feather-drenched outfit to Scherzinger’s choice of song, saying none of it fit her “church” style of performance. In response, Francis told him that her dream is to be a pop singer, not a gospel diva.  Watch  below. [Simon’s comments begin at 3:43.]