*Tyra Banks is really proving to the world that she is much more than good looks and long legs.

The model and talk show host has initiated the 17th cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” recently, started school at Harvard, and just a month ago added author to her long resume of good works.

Her book entitled “Modelland” is her first young-adult novel-fantasy about Tookie de la Crème, an outcast due to her looks. And somehow, she ends up among the “Intoxibellas.”

The book’s popularity is steadily growing since its release.

“I’ve always felt very connected to teens. I was riding in the back of a car on the FDR and the idea just popped in my head,” she said. “I just wrote the idea down on a piece of paper. I’m pretty realistic about myself and I didn’t think 50 year-old people would say, ‘I must read Tyra’s literature.’ I get it. I knew that I could communicate to teens better.”

Getting this book published meant doing something out of the ordinary for the model. After gathering her ideas and getting some will, Tyra made it happen.

“Well, I crumbled [notes] in the bottom of my purse. I cleaned out my purse, and I’m like, damn, I’m so happy I wrote this down. Doing something new, I have to prove that I can do it. That model thing will always hang over me. I know that I have to go further. With my talk show, I moved into an apartment walking distance from CBS Studios. I knew talk shows have a 90% failure rate in the first year and I knew I had to live it in order for it to survive.

“The same with the book. I didn’t want to go into these publishers and say, ‘I have an idea.’ So I wrote 11 strong pages with character breakdowns. The story was a hundred percent me. I did my draft and then I used to have a head of media and he cleaned it up for me. Yes. I wrote the book, but I’m not going to sit here and tell you it was me in a room. My editor would polish, my head of media would look at a chapter.”