*Sporting jailhouse cornrows, rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson dropped in on the “Today” show this morning to plug his new book “Playground,” which takes a look at school bullying – from the bully’s point of view.

50 said he wrote from experience, because he was a bully himself as a teen. He’s hoping the book will connect with a population of teen bullies that are hard to reach.

“When I present something it’s different because of the energy and material I created in my music,” Jackson says. “A lot of the times the kids that would actually be a part of the problem are listening. When I offer it, they’ll take the time to stop and read it.”

The story is written from the perspective of its protagonist, Butterball, an overweight student who is bullying others because he doesn’t know how else to deal with his emotions.

“I had more experiences where I was a part of the problem, where I was actually bullying,” Jackson says. “To know now from an adult’s perspective and be able to write things, I can look back on those actual situations and say, ‘That was completely wrong.’ But I know what was motivating it now.” [Watch below.]

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50 Cent isn’t the only celebrity to join the national campaign against bullying. Most recently, supermodel and TV personality Tyra Banks is calling on fans to join her and the battle against bullying, also noting, like Jackson, that she was doing the bullying as a “mean girl” when she was in school.

Referring to the Stop Bullying: Speak Up campaign that has garnered the support from other celebrities, Banks posted on her Facebook wall that “Being kind is the fiercest move you can make!” and noting in a video post that she’s been on “both sides of the fence,” becoming a bullying victim later.