*Seemingly refreshed after his power nap earlier in the day, Harry Belafonte continued to promote his memoir with a visit to Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report,” where he performed one of his songs with host Stephen Colbert.

The 84-year-old singer also discussed the meaning behind his classic record “Day O” while plugging his book, My Song.

“I must tell you that that song has an awful lot to do with the events of the day,” said Belafonte. “It’s a work song, a song about people doing grueling work on a plantation.”

Then taking advantage of Belanfonte’s admission that he still sings “on occasion,” Colbert prompted the singer to join him for an abridged rendition of his hit “Jamaica Farewell.”

As for the latest development in his viral catnap, The Huffington Post is now reporting that Belafonte’s audio wasn’t working while awaiting a satellite interview on KBAK in Bakersfield, CA, and he was merely closing his eyes while he waited for his cue. His rep Ken Sunshine told the New York Post earlier that Belafonte was meditating while waiting for the interview.