*The not so politically correct Bill Maher took a stand against ESPN for the firing of country singer Hank Williams Jr., who compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler.

Just for a little background, Maher was fired by the same corporation owns ESPN, ABC, after the controversial talk show host made some offensive 9/11 comments. So he knows exactly what it feels like to be censored by the network. He even joked that referring to President Obama as Hitler on Fox News used to be called “The Glenn Beck Show.” But even though he said he hated Williams’ comment, he maintained that ESPN was wrong for firing the singer because censorship should not exist.

Further in his review of Williams’ music, he quoted one of his songs called “If the South Woulda Won”:

– “The day Elvis passed away would be our national holiday.”
– “I’d make my Supreme Court down in Texas.”
– “I’d have all the cars made in the Carolinas, and I’d ban all the ones made in China.”

But something was missing he thought. Panelist (former congressman) Alan Grayson said President Obama wouldn’t have been president. Maher went further and said, “He would not be free.”

Watch the clip: