De La Hoya Drag

De La Hoya during rougher periods

*It was just a few years ago that media outlets had a field day when shocking photos of a man dressed in drag–allegedly boxing great Oscar De La Hoya—ignited international headlines.

The photos depicted a man in a hotel room sparring in a fishnet body suit, women’s panties, high heels and a brunette wig. At the time, De La Hoya vehemently denied that it was him in the photos.

But in a recent interview with Spanish-language Univision television, De La Hoya—nicknamed “The Golden Boy” who reportedly generated more money than any other boxer in the history of the sport, an estimated $696 million–admitted that he did actually pose for the photos.

The photos caused a sensation in 2007, when De La Hoya’s lawyers did damage control by arguing that it was not the boxing great but a “bad Photoshop job.”

“His head is too small and it doesn’t even look like his body,” his handlers argued.

But during the Univision interview, De La Hoya said, “Let me tell you, it was me. I’m tired of lying, lying to people, lying to myself.”

De La Hoya said he was snorting cocaine and guzzling booze when the revealing photos were snapped.

At the time, the very married De La Hoya was having an affair with stripper Milana Dravnel, who sold the photos to the press. De La Hoya’s lawyers claimed that Dravnel was “out for money”.

Dravnel filed a federal lawsuit against De La Hoya, claiming that De La Hoya’s handlers coerced her into agreeing that the photos were manipulated. The lawsuit was settled out of court, but courthouse sources revealed that De La Hoya shelled out a whopping $20 million to make Dravnel “go away.”

De La Hoya allegedly also ordered Dravnel to return the heels, fishnet and lingerie he had posed in during the infamous photo shoot.

During the Univision interview, an emotional De La Hoya revealed that he had been battling alcohol and drugs for years. “My drug of choice was cocaine and alcohol. Cocaine was recent.  I depended more on the alcohol than the cocaine.”

He also admitted that he had “cheated” on his wife of 10 years.

“We are obviously not talking Tiger Woods here, but I was unfaithful,” he admitted.

The boxer said he had contemplated suicide after hitting rock bottom with alcohol and drugs.

The boxing champ, who admitted said he had started drinking at the age of 9, revealed that he was deeply affected when his mom, Cecelia, passed away from breast cancer in 1990. He added that drugs and alcohol helped him escape the pain of his mother’s death.  “It (drugs and alcohol) took me to a place where I felt safe, it took me to a place where I felt as if nobody can say anything to me, it took me to a place where I can just reach out and grab my mom,” he told the Mail Online.

De La Hoya interview provided by Red Alert Live (below).