*After an embarrassing emotional breakdown on stage, Jennifer Lopez gathered herself enough to tell the crowd that she, like any other heartbroken person, “took a trip down memory lane.”

This past Saturday, the singer who recently split from husband Marc Anthony, strutted on stage to an original song composed by herself, alongside dancers dressed like the many exes in her life.

During the performance, she burst into tears and walked off stage, leaving the crowd hanging a little bit.

But after explaining herself, her fans gave her a standing ovation and she continued on with the show.

“I’m just a regular person like everybody else. I have feelings and emotions,” she told Extra’s Maria Menounos . “My life goes great — and it goes not great sometimes… but you know what, we keep going, and that’s what it is. I think they thought that’s what the message was.”

To add to the emotionally charged song, the singer’s mother was in the audience, but it wasn’t until that song she spotted her. Thus the waterworks began.

Overall, Lopez wanted the concert to be about love. And that’s exactly what she expressed from the good times to the low points. Her audience got a real dose of JLo.

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