*Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis (D-Ga.) showed his support Monday morning at Occupy Atlanta, a spin-off of Occupy Wall Street, when he made an appearance with a small entourage.

Maybe we should make it clear that he tried to show support.

His goal was to give a few words of support and overall words of wisdom, but the chanting cadence spewing from the unison crowd prevented the congressman from even speaking.

Actually, the assembly rules are such that a consensus must be made before anyone can make a public announcement.

Some protesters didn’t think Lewis was entitled to special treatment, others were quite outraged that he didn’t get a chance to speak.

To #occupyatlanta general assembly. U are a bunch of d***heads. Congressman John Lewis is an American hero,” hip hop mogul, Russell Simmons later tweeted.

In order for #occupywallstreet to succeed we are gonna need John Lewis to write legislation,” he added.

Meanwhile, Lewis made the following statement in response to his treatment:

“Occupy Wall Street is saying, ‘We will not take it anymore.’ They are saying we must not forget about those in need, about those who work for starvation wages, those who bear their burden in the heat of the day and in the darkness of the night.”