*Guess who’s ready to re-make a name himself on an L.A. stage near you?

Singer and King of Hancock Park, Norwood Young will be in the flesh at the famous Conga Room on Monday night, Nov. 7, 2011.

Yes, the socialite has a little bit of talent, to the surprise of many.

Young blessed the cover page of the Los Angeles Times a while back after announcing that he was selling his tremendous and ridiculous 22 bedroom mansion called “Youngwood Court” aka “The House of Davids.”

He left his home to pursue his passion of singing and performing without being caged in his meager fortress.

His music career began when he was but a sweet 16-year-old boy. He signed a record deal with Philly World Records and later appeared on then popular television talent show, “Star Search.” (Scroll down to watch.)

But he was no one-hit wonder. He actually successfully toured and won fans all over the globe. He also sang lead with Jazz band, “Pieces of a Dream.”

“I always wanted to be known for my music, but somehow my house became the ‘real celebrity,’ and I then grew jealous and resentful of my own home,” Young said.

He continued, “Although I have few regrets in life, I pray that this concert will shift the focus to the beginning of my new era, my true purpose, the message, entertainment, and my music.”