*Some new information has emerged as to why Tanya Williams exited “Basketball Wives: LA.”

While we first believed her primary reason for ditching the show was due to the show’s drama, we found out that she left because she got a gig as a reporter for the Conrad Murray trial.

Yeah, that’s a big deal.

NecoleBitchie.com first spotted the reality television star – on a YouTube video (see below) – outside of the courthouse, not blending with the other reporters on the steps.

She was seen scribbling down notes from the court reporter and has surfaced as a reporter for The Huffington Post. She gives a week-to-week summary of the trial with her touch added to the news.

Williams is actually a pretty good reporter who breaks down some of the more challenging legal issues for the average reader.

Check out the video and see if you can spot her in the crowd: