*Without a doubt, Tracee Ellis Ross is one of the most fashionable celebs on television. Her style is perfect and she’s always caught in some of the best designs.

Since her fans are also fans of good fashion, she’s decided to give folks a sneak peek of her wardrobe for newest show, “Reed Between the Lines.”

You won’t catch her without looking trendy and you can bet she ensures her style is kept on camera, regardless of the role she’s playing.

Ross admitted that she had a hand in generating the wardrobe for her character Carla Reed, explaining that she definitely inspired the fashion for the show.

“We created this closet,” she told BET, noting that the costume designers do much of the work.

“This happens to be an extremely large closet. It happens to be an extremely full closet. And it happens to be an extremely delicious closet,” she teased

And the wardrobe just happens to be so appetizing she sometimes finds herself borrowing her character’s clothes.