*Beyonce is not letting a little pregnancy stop her from getting her customary groove on.

After releasing a teaser clip of her new video “Countdown” this week, the full version premiered Thursday night and has gotten a lot of good reviews, at least among those in the blogosphere and twitterverse.

MTV hit the streets for reaction and “the overall consensus was positive,” the site reported. Many people commented on the simplicity of the clip, and of course, her bumpin’ belly.

“I thought maybe having a baby bump would stop her from doing a lot of dance moves, but she was still moving around [and] still looking good,” said fan Justin Abello.

“I thought it was beautiful,” Amethyst Franklin said, referring to B’s pregnant belly. “I think it’s great that she’s showing it off. I think she should be super-proud of it and she is, and that’s awesome.”

Watch below: