*As previously reported, superstar rapper, Lil Wayne opened up about his jail time and relationship with his father in an interview with GQ magazine. He actually talked about a lot of stuff as well as reiterating that he wants to retire at the age of 35.

“I have accomplished all that I have set out to accomplish and more, I have a label, and I’ve only put out two artists [Drake and Nicki Minaj]. I have a lot more work to do, and it’d be selfish to not focus on being the boss and focus on their projects.”

About his father who abandoned him as a child, he expressed that he’s not interested in reuniting with his biological dad.

“I ain’t afraid to put this out there, ’cause this is just how much I don’t give a f**k about a ni**a, and I want people to see how you’re not supposed to be…”

Continuing the rapper said: “I had a [big] show in New Orleans … I was parked at the hotel, and I saw him walking outside the hotel. Just walking back and forth. I’m like, ‘Look at this ni**a! You gotta be looking for me.’”

He asked one of his teamsters to approach his father to question why he was around.

Dwayne Michael Carter, Sr. responded with, “Oh. I didn’t know y’all was here, I’m here waiting for this little ho to get off work from the hotel.”

Wayne added that this kind of behavior was typical of his dad, then denied his numerous tattoos were an attempt to try and not look like him but retorted: “I don’t want to look like his a**, but I do.”