*Lil Wayne’s got something delicious for your ears brewing in the studio.

After generating a massive fan base via his “Tha Carter” album series, the rapper is looking at do a sequel to “Rebirth” and “I’m Not a Human Being.”

Young Money president Mack Maine shared the good news with MTV.

“He’s, like, 12 songs in, and he went crazy. He went left. He’s in Martian land right now.”

Although both projects are in the pot at the same time, Maine assures each one’s got its own flavor.

“He gets to show his rock side, he gets to show his gangsta side and talk to the women on one side,” Maine gushes before adding, “On ‘I Am Not a Human Being’, he is definitely showing some weirdo, left-brain, I’m-not-from-here type side. He can say what he wants. There are no boundaries, there are no limits.”

He added that the artist is so diverse in his styles that its in concerts audience members can really appreciate him, especially when sitting in a crowd of rockers, conscious folks, and Hip Hop heads.