*It’s been a long time since “Independence Day” first hit the movie theaters.

This was the movie that really launched Will Smith’s career as a serious bankable actor and it even got some folks thinking doomsday.

The film was so popular, fans are demanding for another one.

So Fox says it will deliver not one, but two sequels to the 1996 movie, which earned $306 million domestically and $817 million worldwide.

So now that Smith is much more seasoned and even getting a little gray, will he still be the star of the movie?

It’s still unclear on which direction the studio is going with the project and if Will Smith will be in it this time around.

Actually, the script is being written without Smith, but it isn’t quite what the masses want.

The actor, however, is set to star in M. Night Shayamlan’s “One Thousand AE” with his son, Jaden.