*Young Buck is stuck, under a pile of massive debt that won’t go away without filing for bankruptcy.

The rapper, whose real name is David Darnell Brown, has been trying to find a way to reorganize his finances and stay afloat. But according to Chapter 11 trustee Jeanne Burton, 50 Cent isn’t making it easy for him.

In June, Burton and Buck’s debt manager filed a plan that would prevent bankruptcy that included modifying a recording agreement with G-Unit Records and a distribution agreement with Universal Music Group. But 50 opposed the plan.

“At this time, because no agreement has been reached with G-Unit and Curtis Jackson regarding either assumption or rejection for the recording agreement and/or the publishing agreement, the first amended plan cannot be confirmed,” Burton said in court papers filed last week. “The trustee believes and therefore asserts that there is no reasonable likelihood of reorganization at this point.”

To make matters worse, Young Buck had some performance or appearance fees wired to an unauthorized account from a former acquaintance, but now the funds and the acquaintance are no where to be found.