Mary Harvey

*Mary Harvey, the ex-wife of comedian Steve Harvey, who hosts “Family Feud” and a nationally syndicated radio show, recently made a phone call to blast the “Family Feud” host, who had her thown in jail over the Halloween weekend.

It’s been a contentious battle between Mary and Steve Harvey, who have been battling over custody of their son, Wynton, who lives with Steve.

According to Mary, the two have been battling since 2005.

“Here is almost 2012, and this motherf**ker still won’t get off my ass,” she declared. “He should have squared all of this with me in 2005.

“He’s got a movie coming out, he’s got this talk show he’s trying to do, so he’s just trying to squash me,” Mary said.

Mary talked to Shanae Hall, revealing that she was on her way to the drugstore with Steve, one of her sons from her previous marriage, when four policemen approached her.

“They took me to jail. I was there all day long,” said Mary. “Nobody knew where I was.

“Steve (ex-husband) wanted to serve me with a lawsuit when I walked out of that jail, and that’s what happened. Now, I have to show up in court on Nov. 11. He’s alleging that he is in fear that I’m going to show up at the radio station or at his house or that I’m going to show up at one of his comedy venues, you know? Now he’s going to get it to where there’s a restraining order against me,” she said.

Mary said she is not surprised that Steve had her thown in jail. “You call your lawyer and come up with 30 f**king pages of what I’ve done to you?” she blasted.

“Now that he thinks the public is not looking anymore, he can go back to doing what he’s always been doing…he’s dogging and bullying me when he thinks nobody’s looking.”

Mary said she hasn’t seen Wynton in a year.

“Steve claims that I’m going to use Wynton to create a celebrity status for myself.  Ain’t that some shit?  Now it’s all about, ‘She’s trying to hurt Wynton.” Wynton’s been texting me, saying ‘Mom, when am I going to see you?’ He texted me the day before I went to jail. He said, ‘Mom, when am I going to see you again?”

“He won’t even let me see Wynton,” said Mary. ‘He’s like, ‘Let’s send the police after Mary.’ When are they going to send the police after his ass?”

“Now this bastard (Steve) is in court saying I need to be restrained from seeing Wynton. He’s already restraining me from seeing Wynton,” Mary claims.

Mary also claims that the judge favors Steve. “He’s got a damn speed dial on this damn judge. He calls his lawyer and comes up with 30 f**king pages of what I’ve done to you?

“He (Steve) is trying to restrict me from having a reality show, a book deal, going on radio, doing anything. He’s almost trying to have me bound and gagged under the court system.  What am I supposed to do?”  Pausing, she added, “What the hell is it that he wants? What the hell is he trying to sue me for? When do I get a chance to live my life?”

Mary has done several several interviews on her domestic problems regarding Steve Harvey on YouTube and apparently is not taking Harvey’s actions in stride.

“This needs to be out there.  He’s a coward and a bitch, and he always has been,” said Mary. “I’m going to the drugstore and the next thing you know, my ass is in jail like I shot somebody or something.  It’s just wrong that one dude who has power and privilege is trying to shut my ass completely down over some shit he did.”

Continuing, she said, “It’s trick or treat. You don’t get the treat, you get the trick. It’s like trick or treat, bitch. He won’t get off my back, plain and simple.”

As of this posting, the Steve Harvey camp had not responded to our request for a response to Mary’s comments.