*(Via LA Times) – While prosecutors are asking for a 4 year prison sentence, attorneys for the doctor convicted in Michael Jackson’s death asked a judge Wednesday to hand down the most lenient sentence possible — probation.

In court papers filed in advance of Dr. Conrad Murray‘s sentencing Tuesday, his attorneys described the pop star’s death as “an atypical and isolated aberration to an otherwise exceptional medical career.”

The physician’s lawyers argued that Murray has already been punished severely by the loss of his medical license and livelihood and with public contempt, including death threats.

“Dr. Murray’s life will never be the same. He will forever be stigmatized as the doctor responsible for the death of Michael Jackson,” attorney Nareg Gourjian wrote.

Murray, a 58-year-old cardiologist, was convicted Nov. 7 of involuntary manslaughter in Jackson’s 2009 fatal overdose on a surgical anesthetic. Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor, who presided over Murray’s trial, has said the physician poses a danger to society and ordered him held in jail pending sentencing.

Involuntary manslaughter carries a sentence of up to four years in state prison. But under recent changes to state prison law known as “realignment,” Murray is likely to serve any time behind bars in the county jail, where sentences are routinely shortened to ease overcrowding.

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